Thursday, February 21, 2013

PlayaMarsella y Playa Madera

On Saturday the 16th we decided to check out a couple beaches Cesar had told us about just north of San Juan del Sur, the first was Playa Marsella. It was just a short 5-6 mile bike ride down a dirt road. Yet somehow, this beautiful half-mile beach was almost deserted. There were an average of 6 people on the beach thought the day, and remember, this was Saturday.

We arrived about an hour before low tide, so perfect timing for tide pooling:

Sea anemone

Sculpin, Sea urchin & Sea slug

Sea star

Sea cave

Crab shell

Tiny, iridescent blue fish

Then we had lunch where the river met the beach.

I have no idea why Valerie chose to sit with her back to this view.

After lunch we rode 1k back up the road to where it split and headed to Playa Madera. It was a bit of a challenge since there was a pretty big hill to get over, 4WD or walking your bike only. Oh, but it was worth it. Madera was the polar opposite of Marsella, with tons of surfers and a party atmosphere. Also the highest concentration of beautiful people I have ever seen, mostly gringos.

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