Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traveling to Nicaragua

I'm typing this from the ferry to Ometepe. The lake is VERY choppy today, so well see how long I can stare at a small screen before I puke.

Haven't had much time yet to write, we're always doing something, but a few interesting things happened on the flight down so I thought it was worth mentioning.

I shared the flight from Madison to Chicago with Phil Gabler, for SECS in college. He's working for a civil engineering firm now and lived in Madison.

The Madison airport is pretty quiet at 7am.

In Ohare I met up with Valerie, my traveling companion for this trip. On the flight from Chicago to Miami Jason Frey, our friend Deedee's husband was on THIS flight. Small word running into two people I know on two sequential flights!

On the flight from Miami to Managua I sat next to a guy named Bobby/Roberto who is of Nica (Nicaraguian) decent, but a US citizen working for US AID. We had a great talk, I taught him about Midwestern ecology, he taught me about the interaction of conservation and social issues in Nicaragua.

We arrived safely in Managua, but with all the travel, Val and I were both pretty shell shocked:

Fortunately Cezar was there and ready to shuffle us off to a local restaurant for dinner. On the way, we saw a few of these:

Apparently the Sandanista government put them up as Christmas decorations and then everyone liked them so they left them up.

The restaurant didn't have many veggie options (it was a seafood place) but the salad was phenomenal. Like many restaurants here it was all outdoor seating with a canopy overhead.

We eventually found our hotel and settled in. It was hard discussing the room arrangements wit the attendant since our Spanish is so poor, but Cezar eventually swept in to help, and with the help of the translator app on my phone I was eventually able to ask for the Wi-Fi (pronounced "wee fee") password all by myself.

-- Posted from the trail

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