Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trans-WI to TUPeR: The Gear

In case you were wondering what one brings along on a 1100-1200 mile bike ride through the most remote part of the midwest, below is my gear list.  I hope to/plan on dropping about 2 pounds worth of gear after the first two days when Carol splits off and heads home (IE I will dump stuff on on her)... but about half of that will be food that I will eat, and I just won't buy as much to replace it with:

Group Qty Item
Clothing 1 cycling cap
Clothing 1 cycling shoes
Clothing 1 frog tog pants
Clothing 1 Gore-tex rain jacket
Clothing 1 helmet
Clothing 1 helmet cover
Clothing 1 insect repellant shirt
Clothing 1 insect repellent zip of pants
Clothing 2 leg warmers
Clothing 1 pack towel
Clothing 3 riding shorts
Clothing 1 short fingered cycling gloves
Clothing 2 short sleeved jersey
Clothing 3 synthetic bandana
Clothing 1 synthetic boxer shorts
Clothing 3 wool cycling socks
Clothing 1 Wool long underwear shirt
Electornics 4 AA, rechargeable batteries
Electornics 3 AAA Li-Ion Back-up batteries
Electornics 1 Back-up battery for iPhone
Electornics 1 battery charger, Energizer
Electornics 1 bluetooth keyboard
Electornics 1 camera
Electornics 1 Eos headlamp, w Li-Ion batteries
Electornics 1 GPS unit
Electornics 1 headphones, One Good Earbud
Electornics 1 iPhone
Electornics 1 iPhone case
Electornics 1 iPhone sync cable
Electornics 2 iPod
Electornics 2 spare batteries for camera
First Aid 6 alcohol cleaning wipes
First Aid 1 antibiotic ointment tube
First Aid 4 gauze pads
First Aid 8 ibuprofen
First Aid 10 misc. band aids
First Aid 1 moleskin
First Aid 6 pepto bismo tablets
First Aid 24 regular large band aids
First Aid 1 roll medical tape
First Aid 4 sting relief pads
First Aid 1 tweezers
First Aid 1 water purifying tablets, bottle of
General 1 bike lock
General 4 freezer bags
General 30 ft of string
General 1 glasses
General 1 hammock
General 1 leg strap
General 2 lens cleaner sacks
General 1 mosquito head net
General 1 sleeping bag (40 degree)
General 1 small “figure 9” clip
General 1 sunglasses
General 1 water bottles
General 1 Waterproof stuff sack
The Bike 1 camera holder bag
The Bike 1 corroplast “fender” on rack
The Bike 1 cyclocomputer
The Bike 2 everything cages
The Bike 1 Frame bag with camelback bladder
The Bike 1 presta valve adaptor
The Bike 2 rear panniers
The Bike 1 rear rack
The Bike 1 tail light
The Bike 1 water bottle cages
Toiletries 1 chap Stick
Toiletries 1 Dr. Bronners soap, small bottle
Toiletries 1 mini tooth brush
Toiletries 1 small deodorant
Toiletries 1 small roll of toilet paper
Toiletries 1 small sun screen
Toiletries 1 small tube of moisturizing lotion
Toiletries 1 tooth paste
Toiletries 1 tube o' bag balm
Toiletries 12 vitamins, full set per day
Tool Kit 1 bear fighting knife
Tool Kit 1 bike multi tool (optimized?)
Tool Kit 9 cable ties
Tool Kit 3 chain pins
Tool Kit 2 cleat bolts
Tool Kit 12 disposable rags
Tool Kit 2 fiber spokes
Tool Kit 1 lighter
Tool Kit 1 mini chain tool
Tool Kit 1 mini pump
Tool Kit 1 mini sewing kit with super strong thread
Tool Kit 1 patch kit
Tool Kit 6 safety pins
Tool Kit 1 small bottle chain lube
Tool Kit 6 spare chain links
Tool Kit 2 tire levers
Tool Kit 1 tubes, 29X1.75-2.0
Wallet 1 “cyclist wallet” zip-lock bag
Wallet 120 $ in cash
Wallet 1 credit card
Wallet 1 drivers license
Wallet 1 insurance card

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